Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Bite & A Cut!

We would have much preferred an uneventful week, but things are always exciting around our house! On Thursday night after the kids were asleep, I went out to check on Brian in his workshop. This is something that I have done numerous times over the past 9years that we have lived here. Unfortunately, this time I was bitten by a copperhead snake! Luckily, it was dark and I was moving quickly so I never saw the snake. I thought I had been stung very badly when I made it into the workshop. Brian quickly got out the 1st aid kit and knew something was wrong when he spotted the blood. He headed out with a flashlight, found and killed the snake. When he came back into the workshop, he calmly said, "Don't freak out. You've been bitten by a copperhead, and everything is going to be ok." ...I kinda freaked out!!!!!!!!!!! He notified our night nurse and we headed to the ER! This is a drive we have made 2 times now...once on the night my water broke and the twins were born and now for my snake bite. I can't explain how extremely long that drive seems to take during a panic situation. We arrived at the TMF ER around 10pm and they administered pain medication and kept me for observation. They do not like to give anti-venom because it can be worse than the bite. Also, if you have been given the anti-venom and need it later in life for a rattle snake bite, it would no longer be effective. Let's hope and pray this is the one and only snake bite I will ever receive! I was extremely sick (constantly) vomiting for the 1st day. Daddy was amazing taking care of both Kennedy and me! This was one of those moments that we thank our lucky stars to have nursing care to help with Drake. Brian was pushed head first into all of the things that I do every day. He did amazing and he is now even more grateful...if that's possible, for my daily duties. 

It's hard not being there for my babies the way that I am used to being daily. Kennedy knows that mommy is hurt but she still wants me to pick her up and play with her. I want to do those things, too, and I am working on getting stronger every day. This has definitely made me slow down more than I would like, and I know my recovery time is going to take longer than I have been anticipating. On a brighter note, Brian and I went out to dinner on Saturday night (crutches and all) to celebrate our 12year wedding anniversary! Brian said we could wait until I was feeling better, but I knew that meant we would never go...so we went anyway. 

Drake has been doing outstanding with all of his therapies (PT, OT, ST)! He is scheduled for his next vent clinic (where changes will be made to his vent) on June 10th. We are also scheduled to be fitted for leg braces at Pediatric Orthotics Associates on June 18th. Brian left for Chicago with work on Monday and we are thankful that Gran is here helping out. I did something today that I have been putting off...I cut Drake's hair! Don't worry...he still has plenty of curly locks. I am no professional, but he seems happy with his new due! 

Enjoying his 1st hair cut!

Mom is not a professional :)

Trimming curls!

After pic...still has plenty of curls :)

Working hard!

Just playing in my stander :)

Tummy time!!! He is seriously getting SO strong!

Wild thing!


Sassy face!

Clearly Gran had high hopes of grand-kids back when Brian and I graduated from college. #vintage #swt

Playtime with daddy!

Mommy's snake bite!

Gran & Lisa doing trach care!


  1. oh gosh glad you are ok drakes haircut is awesome pictures beautiful as always

  2. OUCH!!!! That snake bite is SCARY!!! Glad all is well. The haircut is so CUTE!