Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fully Staffed...For Now

Yesterday I entered the NICU of Trinity Mother Frances here in Tyler. The last time I was in there, I was being rolled through on a gurney to see our very tiny Drake and Kennedy shortly after my emergency c-section.  It was surreal walking through the NICU halls and looking at the exact issolettes which held our precious babies in their first few hours of life. To my surprise, many NICU staff members recognized me and were asking about Drake and Kennedy. We are excited that one of our new home nurses, who begins this weekend, is coming to us from the NICU. However, in this visit to the NICU I was not there as a parent; I was there as a friend. One of my dearest friends gave birth to a precious little girl 6 days ago, and last night she was care-flighted to Children's in Dallas. I am pleased to say that the actions taken by the medical staff at Children's are already showing improvements in her health. We will continue to pray for her health and for strength for her mommy and daddy during this difficult time. 

Over our weekend we had several substitute nurses here to help. It was nice to have extra hands, but it was even better to have Lisa and our regular night nurse back! I'm also thankful that my mom was here to spend the weekend with us! Our new weekend nurses are scheduled to begin this weekend. We know that it will take some time to adjust and for them to become familiar with Drake, but we are excited to have a full care team in place. 

Drake has done a fantastic job with all of his therapies lately! His physical therapist and I were encouraged that we were able to get him into his stander smoothly and he tolerated it the entire time without a fuss. This is a huge step forward! Thankfully, Kennedy is finally feeling much better! After being fever free for 3 full days, she was finally able to hang out with her bubba. The 1st thing she did was rub his head, which always makes him smile, and then she said, "I love you!" Their sweet and tender moments absolutely warm my heart. 

Listening to a book and holding bubba's hand :)

Looking good in a bib!

Nice work!

He was trying so hard to get his hands in his mouth. 

Our little diva!


Daddy snapped this while she was busy talking to gran and poppy on my phone. When did she get so grown up???



  1. Drake is such a trooper! I can't get over what a sweetheart Kennedy is. She's definitely got your loving heart, Annie <3

  2. The pictures are so cute of Drake and Kennedy. Glass you have a full team now. I have a connection with the long term care unit at Trinity Mother Frances hospital. They are on the fourth floor of the hospital. The company I retired from manages the long term care unit. They are a wonderful caring group of people. The administrator is the best her name is Stephanie Hyde. She might be a good contact to kept a full team. Glad things are going well.

    1. Thank you for the information! We greatly appreciate it!

  3. Glad to hear y'all are fully staffed and continued prayers it all works out! The babies are beautiful. Drake is doing so well in the stander...the pictures sure document how much he is accomplishing over time...awesome! Wishing y'all the best!