Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gotta Keep 'Em Separated

Needless to say...that is much easier said than done with toddlers. Kennedy developed a cough and started running a low-grade fever over the weekend. We were without nursing assistance from Thursday night through Sunday evening; therefore adding our attempt to keep them separated to our daily duties was a bit challenging. There is nothing like being thrown a curveball to keep us on our toes! I took Kennedy into our pediatrician on Monday and confirmed what we thought...she has a cold. There are not any magic potion antibiotic cures, so we just have to let it run it's course...and try our best to keep Drake from catching it in the process. 

Yesterday morning at 5:30am I took Kennedy into the kitchen for some Tylenol since her fever was back up. Then I took her into our room and even with her weak little voice she said, "Hi, Dada!" when she saw her daddy getting ready for work. Yesterday at the doctor she was able to stand on the big kid scale for the 1st time. Our little girl weighed in at 19.2 pounds in clothes and shoes! Bubba has almost 10 pounds on her. He weighed in at 28.5 pounds at the doctor on Tuesday. 

Drake did amazing with his physical therapist today! She said this was her best session so far, and she visited with me about all of his positive signs! I love that she is already seeing the potential in him that we see! 

On Saturday we had a wonderful visit with my sister, her husband and their two kiddos. It was a fun and relaxing time being able to hang out with them again. I have to admit it was nice to have Aaron help Brian with the furniture changes we decided on instead of me! We came to the realization that Drake's condition and nursing needs are not going to change any time soon. We thought Drake would be more comfortable in his crib, rather than the pack-n-play, so we set up his own little area in the living-room. Kennedy was not a fan of the change her first night. She has become used to Drake not sleeping in her room, but moving his crib out is going to take some acclimation. 

I am hesitate to say this because I don't want to jinks us, but we are supposed to have 24hr nursing coverage from this point forward. I met with his new night nurse scheduled for Thurs, Fri & Sat nights, and she seems really wonderful! This week she will only be doing Thursday night because she is finishing up with her current job, but we are looking forward to her joining our Care Team! Nurse Lisa will be out of town for her brother's graduation until next week, and we have some nurses filling in over the next few days. I'm glad to have the help, but I'm a little anxious about new people. I'm going going to try really hard to not be a control freak or micro-manager, but I can't make any promises. 

Hanging out with his cousin, Elizabeth. Neither one of them seems very sure about this :)

Love this guy!!!

Enjoying some snuggle time with Aunt Mere!

Drake's new "room" setup in the living room. 

Cooking with mommy & daddy in the kitchen :)

Kennedy had some fun with Aunt Mere, too!

Sweet girl!

So the girls were not as excited about dressing alike and taking pictures as we had hoped! Maybe we will have better luck next time.

Hanging out with daddy!

Is she too young for chores? 

Backyard fun!

Cousin Jacob thought the swing was pretty cool, too! 


  1. wonderful pictures glad you are getting nursing care in place god bless your family

  2. Thank you for continuing to share. So glad to see those precious smiles.

  3. Your babies are beautiful! Praying the care team all fall into place and works out for all of you!!