Friday, April 5, 2013

On The Road Again...

Drake's daily Hyperbaric treatments send us to Dallas each morning and back home again in the afternoons. One day each week, he has a follow up at cranial technologies in addition to his HBOT treatments. This makes for a very long day for a little boy, but he is a trooper and takes some great naps along the way. Today he had his two treatments in Dallas and then we swooped up Kennedy from Gran and Poppy's in time to head home to Tyler for their Synagis shots at their pediatrician's office. Luckily we were able to get the last appointment of the day! Brian had planned on going with the babies and me but he was stuck leading conference calls. A last minute call to a couple of friends who have had their flu and T-DAP shots and they were willing and ready to help out in a flash. Yes, I could have accomplished this appointment by myself, but having a couple of wonderful friends their to help out made things much easier.

There was good news and bad news today...the good news is that this is their last Synagis shot until October! RSV season is over on May 1st! Also good news...Drake weighed in today at 15#! Way to go little buddy! Kennedy weighed in at 14# 7oz! Great job for her, too! Now for the bad news...weighing in at 15# put Drake in a different weight category and since the amount if serum is based on weight, Drake had to receive two shots. A big one in one leg and a little one in his other leg. There is a certain limit to how many mL are allowed in each leg; therefore, he had to receive the additional serum in his other leg. This gave me an insight as to what the shots will look like in the fall when they weigh more. These necessary evils sure are hard for a momma!

On Thursday Drake received a new helmet. This was because he was getting the helmet that he had off each an every night. We love that he is getting more wiggly but it has been quite a challenge with the helmet. So far the new one is working much better! They told us not to have him sleep in it the first night so tonight will be the test to see if he keeps it on.


  1. The double shots are the worse...just wait till next season when they get even bigger and have to have two large shots in both...ouch...but at least they will be protected! They both look so good and have come so far! I love the eyes Drake is giving y'all...he is saying "pleeease give me lovins" lol and Kennedy's smile is so heart warming! You are doing such a wonderful job with them. Keep those adorable pictures coming.

  2. Thank you for the updates. They look so good and I pray for them along wit my family and friends. May God continue to bless your precious family.

  3. So happy to watch your sweet babies grow! I think you all are amazing!