Friday, April 12, 2013

9 Month Well Check

Thursday morning was an early start for Gran and me as we hit the road at 5am headed back to Tyler. It was early for Drake and Kennedy too, but they slept the entire way even through the transfer from their cribs to the car seats. This put us back home with time to unload the car and give both babies bottles before we journeyed to the pediatrician's office. I know we are a little late with our 9 month appointment, but I had to reschedule it because of Drake's Hyperbaric Treatments.

Our appointment went wonderfully! Their doctor is very pleased with their progress! Drake weighed 15# 8oz and Kennedy weighed 14# 7oz. My, oh my, how they have grown! On the adjusted growth chart, they are both making progress and we are the closest we have ever been to the curve! In the weight category, Drake was actually on the curve! Kennedy has met all of the 6 month milestones and most of the 9 month milestones as well. Our doctor was very impressed with our "little Miss Personality." She is also quite pleased with Drake's progress and his alertness! Our next appointment is the end June after their 1st birthday. We have been to see our pediatrician at least once per month since our release from the hospital. It's hard to believe we won't be seeing her for 2 whole months!

I mentioned Drake's Hyperbaric Treatments earlier. He has completed 40hours so far and we will begin another 40hours in a few weeks. Right now is the best time for these treatments because he is still so young and his brain is developing.

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  1. Happy happy happy news and pictures! Praying the remarkable progress continues.