Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Beginnings

How is it possible that Kennedy started Pre-K?! It doesn't seem like that long ago that i was holding her tiny little hand inside of her incubator. I remember clearly when I was finally able to hold her in my arms for the first time. That green vinyl polka dot recliner quickly became my happy place! Her strong willed personality and determination was visible from early on. The nurses would take so much time and tedious care in positioning her carefully on my chest with all of the cords and tubing placed just right. Then, our spunky little Kennedy would decide she wanted to turn her head and face the other direction. We all did good today and I am proud to say that no tears were shed...(if Mimi were here, that would be a different story). She had a fantastic day and she is ready to go back on Thursday!

Our little Mr Independent, Hayes, is getting so close to walking! He is still a speed crawler, but he is now pushing a walker across the room with the a look of pride that absolutely beams! He loves to talk to us all of the time. Dada and mama are clear, but the rest is baby gibberish; although, Kennedy is hard at work teaching him to say her name next :) 

Drake is continuing to improve and work hard daily. He's gaining strength and amazing all of us with some of his skills in pushing up, assisted sitting, and sustained head control. However, the second a camera is pulled out to capture his incredible improvements, he absolutely will not show off. That little stinker! As much as I would like to document these achievements, I'm excited he is so aware of his surroundings! 

Walking in with daddy on her 1st day!

I LOVE her excitement!!

Wasn't this just the other day?!

It's hard to believe our tiny baby girl is in pre-k!

11 months old!

Silly boy!

Love! Love! Love!

Catching some sweet snuggles with my baby boy!

Playing with Drake!

Not the best photo, but showing great strength!

Look at him go!

Traffic jam!


  1. Praise God for the new chapter in Kennedy's life. As the say...before you know it she will be graduating high school!! God has plans!