Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Search

Things didn't work out with the first two nurses I trained to fill our open position. I spent today working with and training a cover nurse who will be with us the next couple of days. She did an amazing job and I wish she could be our permanent addition to Drake's care team; however, I do understand why she is a perfect fit for stepping in where needed to provide nursing for many children. We will continue to pray for the right person to be placed in our home. Finding the right nurse may not always be easy (and I have even wanted to throw in the towel along the way), but once we find the right person, they have all been a blessing to our Drake. 

On a brighter note, we had a successful outing to the zoo! Despite the extremely HOT temperature, Drake did really well! Nurse Lisa and I were very impressed with his O2 sats and overall demeanor. The cool wrap that Nurse Lindsey got for him was a lifesaver! I did a terrible job taking pictures at the zoo. On our next visit, I will make it a point to do better. 

While I know in reality our nurse search could continue for many more weeks, Brian has reminded me how happy we will all be when we find our perfect fit. 

This guy deserves the best! We will continue to search until we find the best fit.

Getting ready for duck season!

Hayes is ready for food!

Total bean domination!

1st visit in the petting zoo!

She was excited about the baby goat!

Hayes' zoo trip!

She spotted the flamingos! 


  1. beautiful pictures drake is growing so big I love it good job mom hoping you find the just right nurse for him

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