Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mamas Don't Get Sick Days!

saw a commercial recently, I think it was for NyQuil, where a dad tells a little boy in a crib that he's going to have to take a sick day tomorrow...then it says...dads don't take sick days! Oh, so true! Moms and Dads don't get to take sick days; although, I am thankful that Brian was here to help (make me rest) and that Drake had his nurses. Brian had the fun task of taking care of both Kennedy and me over the weekend. We have what I am going to call "the crud." Apparently it is going around and causes body aches, congestion, cough...yuck, yuck, yuck! 

Saturday night we were without a night nurse; therefore, Brian and I were busy taking care of both Drake and Kennedy. We have increased our hand washing and sanitizing even more than usual. Our hands are tried out and cracked, but you won't find a germ on them! Kennedy is doing breathing treatments 3 times each day. Drake is doing breathing treatments every 3hrs and our machine has not been working properly, which causes his treatments to last for at least an hour. He slept really well Saturday night, and he even slept through his treatments! Brian and I had planned to take turns with his treatments, but when he got up for the 3am treatment, I already had it going. I was sleeping on the couch and since I was already awake (it's hard to sleep on the couch with all of the machine noises) I went ahead and started his treatment. I sent Brian back to bed even though he did offer to switch places with me. Our day nurse altered her shift and came in at 6am! This allowed me to go get a couple of hours of sleep in before Kennedy woke up. 

Then came Monday...I awoke to a text from Nurse Lisa at 4:30 letting me know that she had called in sick! Yes, she has "the crud," too. I went back to sleep and got a call at 6am from the agency letting me know about Lisa. Thankfully our night nurse, Cindy, worked a 16hr shift and stayed with us until 12:30pm! We had a fill-in nurse who came out and worked the rest of the day and also worked today's shift. He drove here from Sulfur Springs and he has been wonderful! I hope we are able to have him again! 

Drake has been weaned off of his oxygen support! He did an amazing job today with his physical therapist! I took some fun pictures of him standing!!! Next time I will get a video. Despite all of this wonderful news, he has been battling diarrhea since yesterday! I can just tell that his tummy hurts and it breaks my heart. His secretions have thickened slightly and are white rather than clear. His cheeks are flush and his temperature is slightly elevated (ranging 98.1-98.4 rather than his usual 97.5). I know this doesn't mean it is cause for alarm just yet, but we are monitoring him closely! We are scheduled for a trip to Scottish Rite tomorrow for hip & knee X-rays before we meet with the Orthopedist. I hope we are still able to go, but we will make that decision in the morning based on how he is doing. Looks like our entire family is in need of some prayers for healing right now. I know Drake is in good hands with Nurse Cindy so I am going to get some needed rest. 

****warning-since I have not been feeling well, I have not taken many pictures.****

Please ignore the messy hair, buddha belly & runny nose...just look how amazing he is doing with standing!!!

So proud!

Snuggled in mommy & daddy's bed!

Before she started feeling yucky...she put on Daddy's boots when I told her to put her shoes on!

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