Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Walking by Faith

We were contacted several months back by our local news station, CBS 19, about being featured in their segment, “Walking by Faith.” We were surprised and delighted that they wanted to do a story about our little family. The title itself sums up our journey...beginning with day one we have and continue to walk by our faith. It’s what helps us always find the positive in every situation. Since that initial contact, the news personnel have been out to our house twice, and our story will air tomorrow night at 10pm! I will share a link to our story on their Facebook page after it airs.

Before the cold weather hit this morning, we soaked in the last bit of nice weather yesterday afternoon. Drake’s strength and head control shined on his tricycle. Now if only he and Kennedy could both reach the peddles! I think daddy may be able to rig something up before our next ride! It warms my heart to be outside enjoying the time with both of my kiddos!

Over the weekend, Brian, Kennedy & I made a day trip to Dallas to celebrate cousin Jacob’s 2nd birthday! It would have been nice for Drake to join us, but all the excitement and people would have been too overwhelming for him. He prefers much calmer settings.

Kennedy has been having fun helping me out in the kitchen. She loves to help! She ends up making a HUGE mess, but it is all well worth it! I need to learn to mop the floors after we cook instead of before! She also had a fun neighborhood outing with Daddy on Sunday. They walked down to the water and played on the playground. Apparently, Daddy lets her slide all the way down the tall slide and spins the merry-go-round much faster! I can’t say that I am surprised! 

Giving bubba a hug!!!

Check out this head control when we 1st started!!!

Let's ride!

Swinging on a big kid swing at Jacob's party!

Driving Jacob's new jeep!!! She's a crazy driver!

Sliding with daddy!

Sliding with mommy!

My little Sous-Chef!

Riding her train with daddy! 


  1. Love these pictures - sooooo much fun; sooooooooooo much love! You all always remind us what life and love are all about - being there, enjoying each other, sharing the day, the time, the moment, helping, caring, loving,. being....... Thanks!

  2. agree so much love it just shines two beautiful babies god bless

  3. What a beautiful family! Stay strong with your faith. My prayers are with all the family! Ruth >^..^<

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