Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Fun Combined with Hard Work

We always look forward to our weekends...Family Time! This weekend we enjoyed lots of family time with Uncle Matt and Papa visiting! Brian and I have always loved the outdoors, and sweet Kennedy is following right along in our footsteps. “Outside!” is a constant request from our little Miss. It is far too hot outside for Drake (the vent/trach make it much hotter to him than us); therefore, we split our time between outside playing with Kennedy and indoors playing with Drake.

During the week when Brian asks Kennedy about her day on the phone, she tells him “dood” (good). When asked how old she is, she says “two.” She holds her hand up at the same time to show two fingers, but it looks much more like the “no” sign in sign language than the number two. It’s still pretty cute and she beams with pride! I can’t help but smile and giggle every time! She LOVES her bubba and desperately wants to interact with him. She brings him toys, books, and even tries to share her drinks and snacks. If she is leaving the house or going outside to play, she is always good about saying, “bye-bye, bubba!” And every time she says, “I love you” to Drake...It melts my heart! When she is able to make him smile, we all get excited!

Drake completes his therapies pretty much daily throughout each week. We continue working on his goals each and every day...including the weekends. No rest for the weary. We know through hard work, perseverance and our faith in God, all things are possible. Drake is full of potential, as is Kennedy, and we are here to cultivate both of our kiddos each step of the way. Don’t worry...we throw in plenty of fun and laughter along our journey!


Drake says, "this is harder than it looks."

That smile :)

Story time with bubba.



Practicing sitting!

Talking to Gran!!! This boy knows voices :)

Apparently she isn't a Katy Perry fan :)

"Dinner!" Technically it's lunch, but Kennedy calls every meal dinner.

Cheese!!! One man's trash is truly another's treasure. Aunt Mere's neighbors were throwing this water table out for trash pickup. She had uncle Aaron rescue and clean it for Kennedy. We tossed in a few bath toys and she loves it!!!