Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Last week we loaded up the car and took Drake out for his first appointment rockin' his brand-new wheelchair/stroller. It is amazing how much easier it is to pack the car for a trip in Tyler vs a trip to Dallas. Of course we still must have the necessities and emergency bag, but it is a light load in comparison. This visit was with the orthotist and Drake was fitted for leg braces. He really seemed to like the doctor, and he was surprisingly calm while his leg molds were made. He will not need these braces to be worn constantly, but they will add needed support for his ankles during the time in his stander. We were lucky that this appointment was during summertime and one of our good friends was willing to babysit Kennedy. I'm sure Kennedy would have loved to have tagged along, but it was much easier with just our little man.

Our weekend was busy, busy, busy! I was able to enjoy a much needed brunch and a pedicure with my girlfriends! I'm thankful to the salon for honoring my expired gift card, and to my friends for finally making me go. Brian and Kennedy ran some errands and had a daddy/daughter lunch date, and Drake was perfectly content hanging out with his sweet nurse. Saturday night Brian and I enjoyed the cooler temperatures by joining our friends for a patio dinner...a kid free dinner! Not kids eat kids with us. Drake was with his night nurse and Kennedy stayed with a babysitter for the 1st time! Both kids did great and as much as we missed them, an adult night out was a nice rare treat! 

Sunday marked the day of Gran & Poppy's 40th wedding anniversary! Such a special occasion called for a celebration! The party took place at my brother and sister-in-law's house...2hrs from our home. After going back and forth with our decision, we decided not to take Drake. He has been doing so good and we certainly did not want to risk anything that could cause a setback. The day would have been perfectly complete with him there, but it's about what is best for him not our preference. We hope to celebrate many more milestones as a family in the coming years; therefore, Drake will have plenty of opportunities to join the party. 

Getting leg molds made :)

He was calm and cool as a cucumber. 

Pretend feeding bubba!

Lunch date with daddy!

Mommy's day out! 

Kennedy and baby cousin Elizabeth. 

Cousin Jacob stealing a hug! 

Gran & Poppy (or Mimi & Bobby as Jacob would say...actually, he has Kennedy saying Mimi and Bobby, too!) I'm pretty sure they think they are saying Poppy when they say Bobby, but Mimi is way off :)

Almost the whole crew...just missing Drakey

Play time!

Hugs for Poppy!

Happy boy!!!

Working out!

Caught in the act...she is standing in Harlee's water bowl!!!

Tummy time!

Nap time!


  1. awesome pictures glad you got out congrats to your parents babies are so beautifu

  2. So sweet and so glad that things are better, May it continue to improve for you guys.

  3. Beautiful pictures of happy times. Glad things are going well for all of you.

  4. Precious and appreciate your shares!