Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Not only did we celebrate The 4th of July over the weekend, but Drake experienced some independence of his own. His physical therapist began working with him on sitting up...and he is off to a great start! She provides him minimal support or has her hands in place to catch him if he begins to fall. I'm sure Drake could feel the energy and excitement exuberating from all of us...his fan club! Kennedy was clapping and cheering for her bubba, too! (This made my heart sing!)

Drake has also been able to get back into his stander routine of 1hr daily. He must have some kind of internal clock, because he knows when the time is up. As soon as he hits that hour mark, he goes from happy and content to fussy and angry. He sure knows how to let us know that he wants out! He is also back on some short breaks from his ventilator using his HME. Being able to carry him from room to room or roll him in his stander or stroller is such a treat! This also makes his bath time process a million times easier. 

Little Miss Independent a.k.a. Our Little Lake Rat showed us that she is all better and ready to enjoy summer lake life! Boating, floating, swimming with daddy...she does it all! Before we know it she will be tubing, surfing and wake boarding, too. Although Drake is not able to join us at the lake right now, Kennedy is learning all of the ropes so that she can teach him and her other little friends who are too young for right now. Seeing her experience fireworks for the first time was absolutely priceless! She cheered and clapped for the finale! 

It feels good to be able to spend time outside and with our friends again! Honestly, the past two years have been a blur. I really did not realize how much I missed the things that we used to take for granted. I wish Drake could be with us for these experiences, but we understand that right now he is not ready. We have to find the balance between spending time with him at home and keeping him healthy, and taking Kennedy to encounter new and exciting things. It's a struggle, but I do think that we are improving. This would not be possible without he exceptional team of nurses we have in place, and the trust that we have formed with these ladies. He is not just a patient to them...they love him, too! 

Just hanging out with mama while she cooks dinner!

No big deal...I'm just soothing my own teething pain! Nice grip! 

Cousin Jacob pushing Kennedy around the house. 

Fist bumps for Drake!

Kennedy holding cousin Elizabeth and giving fist bumps! 

Sitting up!!! No assistance! Hands in place to catch if he tips or begins to fall.

Only minimal support!!! His core is getting so strong!

Lake diva!

Napping with daddy!

This is how we roll...to the lake! 

Rollin' down the street!