Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Turning 2!!!

How is it possible that we are the parents of 2 two year olds?! Wow! It seems like life must be in fast forward for Drake and Kennedy to already be two; however, at the same time it seems like a life time ago that we became parents. I'm not really sure how it is possible to feel both of those extremes at the same time, but I know that we do. 

Our weekend was jam-packed with family, friends and fun...and we wouldn't have it any other way! We had just our immediate families for their party and still that's a big crew. Brian is one of 4 children and I am one of 3. My parents are both only children so my brother, sister and I grew up without any aunts, uncles or cousins. I love that Drake and Kennedy are surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins that adore them! 

Our sweet niece, Hannah, has been able to stay with us for the week since it is her summer vacation. She is 10yrs old and has been such a huge help having around the house! We are all going to miss her when she goes back home...especially Kennedy. Oh, how Kennedy loves having Hannah here! We will just have to schedule her next visit soon! 

I took both Kennedy & Hannah to swim at one of my friend's houses today. We had a wonderful time...unfortunately, the storm kept us from enjoying the pool on this visit. We all still had a good time, and I loved catching up with my dear friends! 

Family photo

He's got his bow-tie on & he's ready to party!

Turning 2 calls for a tutu!

Love this boy!

Hannah & Kennedy before the party!

The cake!!! It traveled all the way from New Braunfels! Thank you, Kosmic Custom Cakes & Aunt Gigi!!!

Gran & Poppy with all of their grand-kids! What a crew!

Drake's checking everything out.

She is clearly obsessed with iPhones! 

She thought the cake & ice cream was pretty cool, too!

Drake & Kennedy got a red wagon!

Kennedy LOVES it!!!

Sharing with Jacob...we can't wait to take Drake for a ride, too. Soon...very, very soon!

Enjoying his new vibrating pillow :)

We took the girls for a birthday swim!

She wasn't sure about the water until Daddy got in with her :)

Family fun & the pool! :) Missing Drakey :(


  1. beautiful pictures happy happy birthday to the twins

  2. so cute! I can't believe they're two!!! Love the girls and their matching tutus and Drake looks like he's in heaven with his vibrating pillow - and really, who wouldn't be? :-)

  3. Loved the way the birthday clothes and cake matched. What a cute idea. Drake and Kennedy are growing so fast. They are so cute in their pictures.

  4. What wonderful pictures of your beautiful family.