Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Possible Hangup

Insurance is a headache...we met with the Care Team late this afternoon and found out that our insurance company has up to 15 days from today to process our "out of network" as "in network." Since our much anticipated discharge date is scheduled for exactly one week (7 days) from today, this was not the news we were expecting. It is possible that it will not take that long, but we need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. I can not complete my 2nd rooming-in requirement until we have our home ventilation supplies; therefore, this is a definitely a possible hangup. This seems a bit ridiculous because surely it is costing them more for Drake to be hospitalized each day than it would cost for our home equipment. 

On a brighter note...Drake is doing quite well! He isn't sleeping well at the hospital, but he is doing much better with his respirations. Today he was able to complete two 4hr trials off of breath support from the vent. Tomorrow he will do an 8hr trail, and it will be followed with a blood gas to check his CO2 level. This will be the true test to see how his body is handling things. If we have a good report, he will move to some time periods during the days of being completely off of the vent. Ideally, we will be able to move Drake to only needing the vent support at night; at least that is our goal.

Lisa is with Drake tonight at the hospital, and Brian and I enjoyed a fun filled evening with Gran, Poppy and Kennedy! We can't wait to have Drake back to enjoy evenings like this with all of us!

Finally getting some sleep!

Loving daddy's rooming-in day!

Loves climbing in the bouncy seat for baby cousin Elizabeth! 

Ready for some football!!!

"Who" is looking cute?!!!

Poppy & his girls!!!

Checking out everything! 

We are ready to have him home!

Thank you for the pretty dress, Aunt Mere & Uncle Aaron!

Playing the tambourine! 

Breakfast with mommy! She clearly loves jam! 

Ready for bed!

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