Friday, January 11, 2013

Separation Anxiety

We have been eagerly anticipating our weekend getaway that Uncle Matt and Aunt Gigi provided us as a Christmas present. They have some very close friends who are letting us use their condo in Breckenridge, CO, and Brian and I were able to cash in airline points we accumulate on our credit card. How could we pass up a fun weekend away with family for free? For the first time ever, Drake and Kennedy are staying with Gran and Poppy while we are enjoying this much needed getaway for mommy & daddy.

When we were driving to the airport, I will admit that I was in tears. I think this was harder on me because I am accustom to being with our twins every minute of every day and Brian is used to being away from them during the work week. Although, knowing that our sweet babies are under the watchful eyes and care of Gran and Poppy gives us peace of mind. Uncle Mikey was able to join us on this trip, too!

While staying with Gran & Poppy, Drake and Kennedy have a fun filled schedule, too! One of their sweet nurses from the hospital came to visit them today, and this weekend Uncle Aaron, Aunt Mere and their cousin Jacob are coming to spend some time. I have a feeling Drake and Kennedy will be keeping Gran and Poppy on their toes this weekend.

FaceTime is a wonderful soon as we were settled into our condo, we FaceTimed with Drake and Kennedy. We loved seeing their reactions as they recognized our voices! As much as I miss our little angels, I know this is a good refresher for me after our challenging 2012.


  1. You and Brian needed this break away together. Just cuddle, relax and sleep thru the night. The babies are in good hands. Have fun!!


  2. Your pictures are always precious, but the one of your Father and Drake asleep is a classic treasure. I hope you have a wonderful and refreshing weekend, you as a Mommy get to have a milestone of your own as you learn to trust someone else to take care of the babies for a little while. This will renew you both and at the same time you will be delighted to see your babies on your return.Yeah Team Drake and Kennedy!