Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7 Months Old

The time has flown by since we left the hospital, and tomorrow Drake and Kennedy will be 7 months old. Of course since they were born at 25 weeks, we are not at the typical 7 month milestones, but both are progressing nicely for their adjusted age. I always get confused as to the way the adjusted age is calculated, but they are somewhere between 3 & 4 months. Both babies are right at the 12 lb mark, and both wear 3 months clothes now.

Kennedy is very social and seems to be a true 7 months old in these skills. She talks up a storm, and she does not like to be left out of anything. She smiles all the time, and she knows her name. She rolls over, sits and stands upright with little assistance. She tries to help hold her bottle, and she holds toys and her lovie. She is really reaching for toys these days.

Drake is a little more shy, socially, than his sister. He is totally aware of his surroundings and who is in the house. He knows his name, and he knows voices of those who care for him. He truly loves to be held. He always seems to be lounging in a comfortable position. Drake is beginning to take more of his bottle by mouth, thus his time on the feeding tube is less than before. He is gaining neck and trunk control, and he holds on to toys.

Tonight is a big night in The Gilstrap Home--the babies are moving to their cribs from the Rock & Plays in which they have slept since we came home in November. I certainly hope they sleep as soundly as they normally do.

Brian and I feel that both babies are growing and developing well, and their pediatrician is in agreement, also. I love going to doctor's appointments and seeing them in awe of the progress of both babies. We have definitely come a long way from June 23rd, and everyday is a new adventure. We feel that we are a very blessed family!


  1. They have come so far and have so far to go :) These two little miracles just continue to amaze, day by day :) Amazing how fast time has flown by... am sure we will be thinking the same thing when they first start school and other milestones that will come way too fast :)

    Go Drake and Kennedy! Keep up the great work you two :)

  2. Their development has shifted into high gear! Love the pictures and reading all the great news.

    Miss you,


  3. Your sweet babies are getting so big and just more and more precious with each post. So glad to hear you are finished with the approval for MDCP. They make it ridiculously hard to get but once you have it, it's awesome! I just had to take Cade in to the ER for stitches in his head. He fell on our tile floor. I didn't have to pay anything for the ER trip. This was totally unrelated to his prematurity. It was all just being a wild little boy. Before you know it, your two sweet babies will be running around and getting into "normal" kid trouble too. (No, I'm not wishing stitches on your kids anytime in the future.) It was just nice to have a "normal" kid accident unrelated to being preemies.

  4. Your post has started my day off with a smile. I am so happy to see how well your sweet family is doing and the pictures of your beautiful babies. Thank you for updates and pictures.