Friday, January 25, 2013

One Bottle Down...

Since our release from the hospital in November, we have been working with Drake on bottle feeds. His amount per feeding is 100ml and on average he has been taking about 30ml. We have been told that is excellent, and many medical professionals said it was amazing that he was taking anything by mouth. Of course we were proud, but we knew Drake would continue to improve. Oh, boy has he improved! Yesterday he completed an entire bottle!!! This past week he has averaged 45ml per bottle!

The transition from Rock n' Plays to the crib has been a process. The first night was definitely the most difficult for them and for me. None of us slept much that night. Thank goodness each night since has been a little easier. Drake has to be propped up since he is on continuous feeds at night. Keeping him from sliding down during the night while the mattress is propped has been a bit of a challenge. Little Miss Kennedy rotates during the night and it is quite amusing. When I check on Drake and change his feed around 2:30am, she has managed to rotate herself a quarter turn and is laying sideways in her crib. Then, by morning she has made another quarter turn and her feet are now where her head was when we put her to bed. This has happened every night since she moved to her crib.

Both Drake and Kennedy have been very interested in their toys lately. I got another one of the balls they love; now they both have one. Kennedy had so much fun playing today that she fell asleep sitting up holding a toy. Drake loves his paci but Kennedy has not been interested in one since we left the hospital. She prefers her fingers and her hands; however, this week she discovered her thumb...yes, we have a thumb sucker. We have tried to discourage this and distract her with other things, but this seems to be a losing battle. Especially when we check on her while she is sleeping and she has her thumb in he mouth.


  1. They are growing beautifully! Hope you have many more successes each week.

    Just wanted to offer an idea that worked for our preemie with reflux - I used a rolled up towel under his crib sheet to make a sort of U-shaped nest so he couldn't slide down at night. Hope you find the right solution!

  2. Ah, this is just the beginning of them wanting the same thing. I love those lil chairs they have with a tray on it. What a great idea! Have a good weekend.

    Miss you all,


  3. So proud of Drake!! The kids look GREAT!

    Kerri Moses

  4. These are so wonderful to see. I hope you can get one of Kennedy asleep with the thumb; it is a phase that will pass and easier than a pacifier. My daughter was the same way and once the teeth came in the thumb sucking ceased. They look so good. I love the little pic with the cool hat on Drake. Pray you have a wonderful family weekend together and continued happy milestones.