Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our Family is Growing!

Much to our surprise, we found out in the midst of construction and remodeling for opening our Brewery that we are having a 4th baby! This came as a huge shock to us b/c we struggled and went through IVF for Drake, Kennedy and Hayes. After 14 years of marriage and everything we went through to have the family that we have, this definitely caught us off guard. After adjusting to the initial shock and then again when my doctor told us we were 13 weeks at our first appointment, we are extremely excited to have our Bonus Baby complete our family! We are now 20 weeks, and we expect our sweet girl to be joining our busy family at the end of May (and hopefully not any sooner).

We have been so busy the past couple of weeks getting our business up and running. This would not be possible at all without the help of family! My parents and my sister & Aaron have been our life savers helping out so that Brian and I can both be up working at the brewery on our busy nights. My mom and I have worked out a schedule to get us through the next month. Every other Friday my mom will be coming to stay with us and every other Friday I will be driving the kiddos to stay with my mom and dad. It’s not ideal, but it isn’t forever. We are beyond thankful to have my mom helping us out until we are able to hire some employees.

Drake is in the process of getting evaluated for Assisted Technology by the school district. This takes place in our home over several different visits. His nurses and I have been frustrated b/c he takes time to adjust to people; therefore, he won’t show his true abilities to strangers. Anyone who comes into our home for the first few visits (all of his new therapists) underestimate his abilities simply b/c he doesn’t perform for people he doesn’t know. It’s easy to see how this is an issue for this type of evaluation. Hearing Drake’s nurses vent about their frustrations with this issue makes me feel so much better and justified with my own frustrations, as well. I think if I didn’t have them, who completely understand, that this would drive me completely crazy. It’s simple…just don’t underestimate my kid…and please believe us when we tell you what he does and can do on a regular and daily basis. 

 Helping mommy clean the tap room!
Enjoying some of this beautiful weather on our patio! 

Being able to open our bay doors has been very nice! 

Our little princess! 

Daddy and Uncle Matt working in the tap room!

Participating at her cousins gymnastic class during her visit! 

Aunt Mere is a brave woman! That is one FULL cart! 

Tick-Tac-Toe cousins! 


We are SO glad they were able to play in the snow with their cousins! No snow in Tyler. 

This face!! That's our boy! Not quite sure what to think of the snow. 

Daddy washing glasses in the tap room! 

Our little girl helping to usher at Church! 

Snuggling with Mimi during church! 

Mr. Smiley on his wedge! 

He's one happy boy! 

Sometimes you just get plain worn out! 

He's holding the water bottle!!! 


  1. what a surprise congratulations to you and brian such a beautiful family what a nice way to start new year new bissiness new baby and such a helpful family may god bless you

  2. Oh my goodness! That is awesome news!!! We were equally surprised with our Emme! But four is so much fun and although very busy, so very worth every minute! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you!! It especially nice to hear from friends who can relate to the surprise of a Bonus Baby! :)

  3. Congratulations on the new princess. Kennedy will take great care of her. Just think Kennedy can help fix her hair when Mommy & Drake go to Dallas! Take care of yourself. I do plan to come to the brewery as soon as the pollen dies down. You can never count God out of the equation when it comes to our family size. I learned my lesson well when I found myself pregnant & had a daughter who turned 10 before baby arrived. Don't discount those praying for you. The mature ladies may have asked God if Kennedy needed a sister. I'm guilty of that but not with you. I'm excited & happy because I can't think of a better family for this princess to be delivered. Tell Brian I will be hunting him down when I come to visit. I want to shake his hand because he's the type of husband I wish for all my nieces & great niece who are single. May God continue his blessings on you & your family. PS I will be exact when I pray for y'all. No more surprises, unless God pulls off another one.