Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Wheels

New Wheels!

This morning our sweet Drake was delivered his very 1st wheelchair! His blue chair was classified as a stroller for special needs, but this is a true Big Boy chair! It seems so fancy! Custom built just to meet Drake’s needs and can grow with him for many years to come! It even has his name embroidered on the seat! As exciting as new equipment is for us and other children with special needs, it doesn’t just magically appear one day. So much time, paperwork, and phone calls go into each and every piece of equipment. Forms are filled out, turned in and the wait begins. Everything is reviewed, more information is requested, more information is sent, and we wait. Sometimes we are denied. Then we start the process over again or thankfully get to use a piece of equipment that has been donated from another family. Every piece of equipment is the accumulation of generally 4-6 months of paperwork, justification, and phone calls. To say we are thankful to finally receive a much needed piece of equipment is a bit of an understatement! I’m sure this is true for all families who go through the process. The time and effort put forth from our therapists and doctors is greatly appreciated! We are also thankful to have been able to donate our previously “loved” apparatuses to other children who may be denied something that will help them meet their full potential. 

What have our days consisted of…work, work work! That’s ok! We’re hard at work getting ready to open our family business! That requires all hands on deck, long days & some team work! Even Meredith, Aaron & their kids came in town to pitch in and help out! Kennedy has been mostly excited about painting! It’s quite possible her masterpiece has been covered up, but we loved seeing her artistic talents! Everyone is curious about our opening date, and I wish I had one to tell. Our goal is mid to late December, but we won’t have an exact date for several more weeks. There are still many variables to fall into place before we can commit to an exact date. I will keep everyone posted! 


Testing it out! We had 3 men from the DMV company and 2 therapists here to insure Drake as set up for success!

Kennedy tested it out, too!

Just a little cartoon time!

Excellent job!

A few special little handprints!


The brew-house has been matchbox car approved!

These two!!!

Morning vitamins!!

Just lounging around!

Riot is such a sweet boy!!

A little play time at our little friend's birthday party!


  1. pictures are awesome sweet kiddos love it

  2. Hi there Annie! So excited about your new business! I can't wait to see the finished place. And what a nice chair for Drake! I just can't imagine all that you go through to get what he needs! We have had to fight our insurance company (s) to get Henry's needed therapies covered! Russ and I think about y'all so often and I love checking the blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Awe...thank you so much!! Aren't insurance companies such a headache!

  3. So glad Drake got his new wheels. I have seen these & just from seeing the actions they can do, can't imagine the costs & paperwork. As a disbled vet who struggles with a cane or walker, I hate to see the costs for the fancy wheels. I will say it will grow with him. I'm glad to learn you haven't opened the Brew House yet. I was afraid I missed it. I want to add I was much smaller than most kids in all my classes although I was not a twin preemie. Just part of a family who has short females. Genetics as one doctor told me years ago. Looks like the kids are doing well. Drake's smile makes,me feel better every time. Stay at it. I'm waiting for the new business to open & I will patronize. I'm excited for all of you. Maybe I will meet MiMi & YahYah, if I am lucky.

  4. Thank you so much!! We are hoping to open the brewery at the end of December. We are excited...super busy, but very excited!! I think a great deal of Kennedy's size boils down to genetics, too.