Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting in the Spirit!

The smell of apple cider on the stove, twinkling lights adorning the tree, and bright eyed children eager to help decorate…absolute perfection! After the hustle and bustle of family and food (oh, so much food) for Thanksgiving, a quiet evening with just us getting the tree ready for Christmas was exactly what we needed. The tree was a little heavily decorated on the bottom portion, but Kennedy thought it looked perfect & it did! Although, ornaments were a little more evenly distributed after bedtime. The next morning Kennedy told me she had an idea…”Let’s take the ornaments off the tree and put them back on again!” It wasn’t easy to convince her that wasn’t a good plan, but distraction helped and we moved on to another activity. 

Thanksgiving was a huge success! We had ALL of Brian’s family in town to celebrate and we ate our delicious meal at the brewery. What a blessing to celebrate and spend time with Brian’s family on Thursday and my family on Friday! Luckily we were not completely turkey”ed” out. We had enchiladas on Thursday and traditional turkey and dressing on Friday! 

We’re getting ready to visit Santa this week! I plan to take both Kennedy and Hayes. Drake is going to stay home for several reasons: he doesn’t like loud noises/places (loud noises induce seizures), he doesn’t like unfamiliar people, and he is much happier at home. I would love to have Drake in a Santa photo with Kennedy and Hayes, but I know he would not enjoy it. That would be creating a memory for me, and I would much rather have my little man happy. He sure did look cute wearing his Santa hat around our house! 

Drake struggled with a cold/virus over the past week. Several of our nurses had the same thing. One missed over a week of work! It’s always difficult to see Drake when he is not feeling himself, but we are extremely thankful to have the nursing and equipment at home that allowed us to keep him out of the hospital. Truly a blessing! We are pleased he is completely off of oxygen support now and tolerating time off of the vent again. First and foremost our number one goal is to keep Drake healthy. Next, we want him happy and then we support him to reach his full potential. We are pleased to be back on track with everything! 
Hanging of our 1st ornament!

Daddy & Hayes helped get out decorations 

A little team work!

Little Santa!


The little climber!!

Gigi brought presents!

Everyone loves the sleeping bag!

Getting better!

Sometimes breathing treatments just wear you out!

Our little Thanksgiving Indian! 

Out like a light!

New toy!! Thank you nurse Lindsey!

Thanksgiving with the Gilstraps! 


4 Generations of Gilstrap Guys! 


  1. wonderful memories for your family glad Drake is doing well ty for sharing I love your family