Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We found out some news today; sad & happy at the same time! Drake is progressing so well with speech therapy, (swallowing, managing secretions, communicating, etc.) that he is graduating from high risk therapy and into the NOT so high risk! While this is exciting, we are sad to be losing our current speech therapist who has been with us the past 2 years! Although she has assured us that we are not losing her her completely, she'll definitely be around as a lifelong friend!! 

Kennedy got to spend some quality time with her daddy in the great outdoors. A favorite for the both of them! She even caught her first fish! Not just one fish, but FOUR!! 3 perch and a catfish! On Saturday Kennedy and I went to a makeup day for dance class that she missed back in January. On our drive home, Kennedy told me another little girl asked her if she was a baby. Kennedy replied, and I quote, " No, I'm not a baby! I'm three!" And if anyone has had a conversation with Kennedy, she definitely said it matter of factly. 

Hayes has been teething, which is not fun. He is generally so happy, seeing him upset and inconsolable makes for long days. We are looking forward to his bottom teeth breaking through! The good news is that this too shall pass. 

Kennedy loves her Drakey!

Reading books to her brothers!

Happy boy!

Look at that sweet baby! 


Nice catch! 

Her 1st fish!

Backyard Bubbles! Everything is better with bubbles! 

The boys!

Daddy's biggest fan!

Our baby is 6 months old!!!