Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Daily Life

We have been very busy with Drake's regular schedule of daily therapies and Kennedy's dance & gymnastics. That along with Brian's activities and my stuff make for very full weeks, but also allows plenty of solid family time! It's hard to believe, but Brian and I even squeezed in a date night this week! An actual dinner out with just the two of us! It was long overdue and we will definitely have to do that again soon! 

On Friday our little Kennedy took a big spill while running in the driveway. It hurt my heart to witness. I felt like it happened in slow motion because I saw her falling but I couldn't prevent it from happening. All I could do was rush to scoop her up! Daddy jumped in with a first aid kit for bandaging boo-boos. She requested an ice pack; however, as soon as daddy had her new bicycle put together, she was instantly better! 

Drake's improved head control has been noticed by all of his therapist. They have also been commenting on his posturing, sitting, lack of drooling, and overall improvements! When in his stander, we used to have to use a Velcro wrap to hold his head in an upright position. We no longer have to use that wrap! We have been setting Drake up in his chair with his activity board during his breathing treatments. Today I witnessed Drake pick up his Oball (baby toy with holes easy for holding) and lift it up to eye level...not just once, but twice! 

Hayes is growing and changing daily! He has discovered his little voice and talks to us with sweet baby babble! Of course Brian is thrilled that dada is a favorite little babble. We missed Brian this weekend while he was on a fishing trip at the coast. He said that it was not the best fishing, and they had to cut the trip short due to the weather. Luckily, they made it home safely without any major issues. And even though they didn't limit out on fish, they still brought some home! 

Im so thankful our sweet nurse captured this moment without me even knowing it! 

Brothers hanging out!

Kennedy's self portrait!

Hayes is getting so big!

Balance bike!

Date night!

These boys!

Another precious moment captured by our sweet nurse!

Yes, Kennedy is laying on her tummy during dance class. No, that is not at all what she is supposed to be doing. Oh, there is no telling what she will do during the recital!