Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Road to Recovery

Drake is making great progress in his road to recovery following our most recent hospital stay. Of course he isn't able to be off of his vent all day long yet, but I'm very pleased with how quickly we were able to wean him from his oxygen support and begin time off of the vent. Kennedy and Hayes are both healthy again, too! That alone gently lifts the stress level within our household. 

Over the weekend Kennedy & Hayes watched from the safety of the garage as mommy  & daddy took down a dead pine tree. Hopefully this is the last one we will lose to the deadly pine beetles. On Sunday Kennedy spent the day at home with daddy and Drake while Hayes traveled with me to McKinney. While it was a fast paced and busy day, I enjoyed the pampered chef meal prep activities at my sister-in-laws house. Uncle Aaron and I even managed to squeeze in a run before Hayes and I headed back to Tyler. 

I am extremely excited to announce that I will be traveling to Orlando in less than a month to attend an international convention with Kyani! This would not be possible without the help of my wonderful husband, outstanding mom, and Drake's nurses who are an extended piece of our family. Thanks to Kyani, I am healthier and very happy to be able to work my business from the comfort of my home around our chaotic schedule of therapies and doctor appointments.

Tummy time is better with your brother!

Back up in his gait trainer!

Exploring the home gym! Hayes & Drake are sharing many of the same toys right now. Hayes seems happy with the modifications we have made for Drake.

Working in his tomato chair

Great run! #FueledByNitro

Daddy & Hayes

Yes, that is Brian up in the tree. At least he's wearing full safety equipment including a helmet! #SafetyFirst

Our watchers!

Tree down!

Working on letters

Hayes' 1st HOA (Home Owner Association) meeting...(photo taken by Kennedy) 


  1. awesome family so glad Drake is better

    1. Thank you! This has been a much better week!

  2. Hayes sure looks likes daddy. Great to hear all the kids are feeling better. So good to see Drake having fun with baby brother.

    1. Thank you! We LOVe seeing the kiddos interact!

  3. Hayes sure looks likes daddy. Great to hear all the kids are feeling better. So good to see Drake having fun with baby brother.

  4. So glad Drake is doing better & home. Glad you have survived the hospital stay with help. Passed the hospital on my way back from a trip to Dallas for book shopping. Thought about you all. Even grown ups have tears & smiles at the hospital. Well, I do. RSV has visited my family several times in the last few years. Just regular cookie cuter kids, nothing special, but that virus. It seems to get our winter babies. Now to survive the winter flu season for everyone. The weather, well maybe Drake, Kennedy, Hayes, & mommy can have a patio day by next weekend! Take care of yourself. By the way, Kennedy will be the one who runs the show as she gets older. Just prepare yourself. Drake will continue with his communication. I just know in my heart. I also see it in his eyes, trouble & knowledge, science will continue to improve his skills along with the family love!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts! Hopefully your family will be able to make it through this winter virus free.