Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Testimonial

As a stay-at-home mom, I have been approach by MANY different people for a variety of MLM companies. There wasn't anything that I truly believed in and felt a passion for until I tried Kyani...the products, the founders, the charitable giving, and the business! There is a reason Brian, myself, our kids, and both sides of our families are all taking these products daily. I now get the best sleep of my life and I'm full of energy! The difference it has made in both Brian & Drake's bloodwork is enough to cause celebration for our family! 

Not only are we improving our lives, but through the Kyani Caring Hands program, we are a part of helping others in need! This program is near and dear to my heart, and our family personally contributes each month. This program gives distributors and customers the opportunity to give back. With as little as $25, we can provide a meal for a family of 5 or feed one child for an entire week! Each Potato Pak is fortified with nutrition! Our company has already built a much needed school in the community of Galte Paccha, Ecuador. Before this school was built, children had to walk two hours each day to attend school in a neighboring village. This is just one of the many projects taking place through Caring Hands. The best part is that ALL donations not only help those in need but are also TAX Deductible! Please consider donating at

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