Tuesday, May 12, 2015


My, oh my...things have been quite busy around here! Drake decided to keep everyone on their toes...even the doctors. He and Daddy spent two nights in the hospital PICU and were sent home with a diagnosis of "unknown." We still haven't a clue as to why he was desatting and requiring 5L of oxygen; however, we are thankful to have our sweet boy home and back on room air! And yes...we are expecting a baby boy in early October...at least we are praying for early October. Drake and Kennedy were due on October 3rd, but came in June. As much as we love our NICU team, we do NOT want a repeat of last time! 

My doctor is monitoring me extremely closely...I go in every week. After one of my recent appointments and a consult with the high risk specialist, the decision was made to do a cerclage procedure just like my last pregnancy. At least this time it wasn't an emergency procedure, but rather a cautionary provision. I am quite restricted now and extremely thankful for Brian, my mom & our nurses who are all going above and beyond to help out. 

Brian and I had planned an overnight trip to New Braunfels weeks ago, but we thought there would be no chance we could go after our scare with Drake and my surgery. Well, luckily things actually worked out! Drake bounced back to his regular status as quickly as he got sick, and with a borrowed wheelchair in tow for me, we headed southbound. It was a quick trip, but we still had a wonderful time! So thankful Mimi & Poppy were here with the kids as well as our sweet nurse Lisa who worked the weekend day shifts for us! 

Praying this little guy stays put until fall!

Hospital transport!

Such a strong boy!

Settled in at the hospital

Love getting these pics from Daddy & Drake!

I love how he is looking at his daddy in this one!

Missing her daddy & bubba! 

Just a little ice cream in her pjs! 

"Mama, it doesn't taste good!" Referring to my mascara

Fun in New Braunfels at Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival!

Thanks to Aunt GiGi for my shirt! 


  1. awesome news congrats so happy drake is better wtg daddy keep up the good work

  2. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. We are so happy to see how big the kids have gotten. Kornequiah was so happy when she saw and read the post. Take care of yourself, do what everyone tells you to do and we love you.

    Kornequiah, Corvonte, and Demetria

    1. Thank you!!! I'm so thankful for Facebook allowing me to keep up with everyone! They are growing up so fast!

  3. Praying still for you and your sweet family. Love all of the updates and pictures. May God continue to bless and keep you.

  4. Oh yay for you guys!!! I will say some prayers for y'all!