Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Celebrating Our Friend

Over the weekend, we celebrated our sweet friend Grace turning 1! Drake wasn't able to attend because he has just gotten over a hospital stay so he stayed home with Daddy. Kennedy and I were late to the party because of her nap, but we arrived just in time for the birthday song and blowing out the candle! Pretty perfect timing! Kennedy was very excited to give Grace her present! At first she asked if the present was for her. However, once I explained it was for Grace, she was eager to deliver her gift!

After the party, we raced over the pharmacy to pick up Drake's prescriptions before the pharmacy closed. Then we made it home and spent time with Daddy and Drake while Drake was showing off in his gait trainer. We are still short one nurse, and they have not been able to find us coverage. However, being just the 4 of us sometimes...is quite alright with us! It's a lot of work and we are limited in what we can do, but still nice to be alone as our family. 

Kennedy started back with swim lessons today, and she was very excited about Daddy taking her to class! I loved seeing her big smile with her orange sucker bounce through the doorway! I hope Daddy is able to take her more often. 

Showing off in his gait trainer!

All smiles!

Love this boy!

She sure loves her bubba!

Watching Drake work hard.

Birthday Girl, Grace!

Party Hat!


"Mommy, look at my silly nose!"

Party ready!
She loves ice cream!

Too cool for school!

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  1. Drake looks so happy and proud of himself!! So sweet and Kennedy's pigtails are precious!