Thursday, May 25, 2017

Go Bag

As I've written about before, I have a "go-bag" for the hospital packed in our closet at all times. It has toiletries and warm clothes (hospitals are always freezing). Brian was working on his "go-bag" for our delivery date and asked if mine was packed yet. Good question...I guess the answer is no. The items packed for a hospital stay with Drake are going to vary slightly from what all I will need following my c-section. Time for me to get packing! Good News...I finished packing tonight! 

Speaking of our c-section coming up soon...we have been scheduled for May 26th for a while now. Recently my dr began talking with us about a plan B. Delivering on May 19th! Yikes! Luckily, that didn't happen. We recently lost a nurse and our agency has been working on coverage. Best laid plans...I am well aware that as much as we try to plan for her arrival, she could just as easily make the decision for herself and arrive anytime between now and the 26th. As a planner, I pray that she cooperates. 

Kennedy finished up with Pre-K for this year on the 18th and her end of year gymnastics was today, the 24th. Summer gymnastics starts up the beginning of June. Her pre-k class celebrated her birthday on the 16th since she has a summer birthday. She and I baked some yummy strawberry cupcakes complete with sprinkles for her class. She was slightly confused about whether or not she was 5 yet, but I think she understands now.  

Even though Drake's homeschool program is year round, he is now on a little break himself. The timing of his break works out pretty well for us considering we will be learning to adjust to having 4 kiddos. We recently took him to be fitted for new leg braces (orthotics), and then to have labs drawn. The amount of seizures he has each day has increased greatly. This makes our little man get pretty worn out. After consulting with neurology about whether or not it is time to start on an additional seizure medication, we made the decision to add Keppra. We are tapering up his dosage over the next 4 weeks until he reaches his full dose. The first week was absolutely wonderful, but then his body adjusted to the low dosage and his seizures began breaking through again.

Hayes is hilarious! He is talking up a storm and keeps us in stitches on a daily basis. He is the perfect comic relief for our family & God knew exactly what he was doing. We trust God knows exactly what he is doing about adding our baby girl on Friday! 
Fun treats while running errands for the Brewery! 

Water Table Fun!

Sweet Babies! 

Farmers Market! 

Daddy teaching Hayes some brew lessons! 

Photo taken by Kennedy! 

Our little gymnast! 

"Mommy, I look like daddy!"

Another day...Another brew lesson!

Love this sweet baby! 

My little sidekick! 

Uncle Aaron has been a HUGE help at the brewery! 

Love these two!!

Caught this little guy practicing to be a big brother! 

Last year and this year!

Hanging out doing breathing treatments. 

Her room is ready...Well, at least her 1/2 of Hayes' room! 

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