Thursday, October 20, 2016


My goodness we have been all over the map handling appointments for all 3 kiddos this past week. It all started with an ultra sound for sweet Hayes. His PCP felt an abdominal mass during his 1 year appointment and send us to get it checked out. “Hopefully it’s nothing, but we just want to make sure.” Of course! No worries…I won’t let the worst case scenario jump into my head! I’m sure no parents do that! I will say that I refused the first appointment given to us. It was scheduled for 1:30 in the afternoon and they said he couldn’t have anything to eat or drink for 6 hours before., sorry. My 12 month old will not understand us withholding food and drink for his entire day. A new appointment date and time were given…6:45am! Hayes was not thrilled when I got him out of his crib at 6am, but we did it. Did he corporate? Definitely not! However, he did about as well as you would guess a 12 month old would do being held down for an ultra sound. Luckily, I had a bottle in the cooler ready for him when finished along with some pumpkin bread! 

Next up was Kennedy’s appointment in Dallas with the Endocrinologist. It would have been helpful to know all of the questions on the paperwork in preparation for our visit. Luckily, Nurse Lisa was at our house and I was able to call and get her to grab Kennedy’s discharge paperwork from the file cabinet so that I could answer all of the necessary questions (Birth weight & length I knew, but head circumference and APGAR score I did not). Crisis averted! The good news is that the doctor was pleased with Kennedy’s progression on her height and weight since her referral in July. They will continue to see her about every 6 months over the next few years. Growth hormones were mentioned, but that is not the direction anyone wants to go at this time. I was pleased that the doctors also said they would rather let Mother Nature take its course and only intervene if it is absolutely necessary. 

Yesterday, was Drake’s turn at the doctor. This was the 1st vent clinic appointment not to have Kennedy with us in the car. She had school, so she stayed with her daddy. He took her to school, picked her up, and she hung out at the brewery with her daddy while he worked for the rest of the day. Hayes was with us and Mimi met us at our usual meeting location to pick him up. This was our first vent clinic appointment with our new nurse! Everything went very smoothly and Drake got an excellent report from his doctor! His chest x-ray was beautiful! His doctor was so pleased with his progress that he even wanted more information about Kyani. Asked and received. You can’t argue with data...Improved immune system, lack of hospitalizations, lack of infections, healthier lungs, excellent blood work! They are working on scheduling him for a sleep study. The purpose will be to determine if he can wean off of his vent at night or if his sleep apnea will cause him to be unable to completely wean.   

Now we are in full party mode! All of our family will be in town on Saturday to properly celebrate our little Hayes turning 1! Time to Party Plan! 

This is his 6am waiting room look


Pretending to paint Drake's nails. Such a good sport!

Riot knows right where to be when Hayes has a snack cup!

Sharing!! It doesn't always happen with a smile, but it sure is nice when it does!

Silly boy!


Playing at the brewery!
Helping, too!

Running the show!


I love these boys!

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