Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mommy's Weekend Getaway!

What an honor...I was asked to speak at an event in New Braunfels on Thursday night! We had an excellent turnout, and I love being able to share my story in the hopes of helping others. I stayed with Brian's sister and her family for the weekend and enjoyed the luxuries of vacations...staying up late, sleeping in, pedicures, brunch, and visiting my favorite No-Kill Animal Shelter! 

Kennedy had a big weekend, too! Daddy took her out on a boat ride with him and Papa! She told me all about it..."We went really FAST and then we went SLOW! Maybe next time you can come with us, too!" I definitely think we will have lots of boat time in the near future! Hooray for summers on the lake! 

Drake is continuing to do well with therapies and he seems to be adjusting to his new speech therapist. We are almost 2 weeks into him using 2 buttons: one for "more, please" and one for "all done." He enjoys being in control of the situation & he has caught on really quickly! Seeing our sweet boy getting stronger, healthier & accomplishing so many goals is the best feeling in the world! 

Hayes is teething, and it is not fun. Praying this will pass soon and our sweet boy will be back to his happy little self in no time! 

I was able to enjoy my time away because I knew my sweet babies were in good hands with daddy, Mimi & our wonderful nurses! I'm so very thankful for our "Village" who are all big part of our lives!

Oh, this laughter!
Boy time!

Grocery shopping with Daddy!

Pure joy!

My FUN trip!!!

Soccer with Daddy!

Boat fun!

Love these two!!

Sweet baby Hayes is getting so big!

Just hanging out!

Skipping rocks...well, Tossing a few rocks into the lake!

Play date with Harper!! 

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