Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little Short-Handed

Every time something new is thrown our way, we adjust, establish a new “normal” and continue moving forward. Our new normal of 24hr nursing took some getting used to, but we did, and our new normal began. I even began keeping a precious 3 month old who belongs to some of our very best friends on Monday-Friday each week. This, too, was an adjustment, but things have really been going smoothly. However, the winds began to change and our nurses started dropping like flies! What was in the air? Why was everyone getting sick...including Brian...and me?! Brian continued working and stayed in McKinney with Gran and Poppy to allow his body time to heal (and not be contagious to us). I started taking various sinus medications and pumping my body full of vitamin C...Luckily, that worked! I certainly don’t have time to be sick!

Like I said, things were going pretty smoothly with 3 kiddos, 1 nurse and me. Then it happened...our “normal” daily routine was interrupted by sickness. It then became 3 kiddos and just me...YIKES! I knew I had to figure out the balance of Drake’s feeding schedule, meds, breathing treatments (every 4hrs), CPT vest (2x per day), and the 3 month olds schedule...plus, Kennedy! Drake had 2 therapies, a vent check-off and a delivery all planned for that day, too. Going into our day I knew at some point all three kiddos would probably get upset with me, and I was ok with that. Somehow I think they knew that I had my hands full and they were trying to cut me some slack. We did it! We survived! I was definitely exhausted, but proved to myself that I could do it...and keep my sanity! Well…Brian may argue with that last statement :)

On Saturday, Kennedy and I spent a girls day with a quick trip to McKinney for a special birthday party! One of my dear friends was in town from Connecticut with her birthday tots...one turning 2 and the other turning 3. It was fun for all of us to get together with our kids and celebrate! It is a comforting feeling to be back in my hometown and catch up with old friends...not that we are old...we’ve just been friends for a very long time! Of course we visited with Gran, Poppy and the rest of our family while we were in town, too!  

We spent all of Sunday with Daddy since we missed him so much on Saturday! We always enjoy making the most of our weekend time together! Sunday night we had our night nurse out sick, and once again there were not any sub nurses. But Lisa (of course) stepped up and helped us out. She and I tag-teamed the night shift and both managed to get some sleep..not a full nights sleep, but enough to function. We are thankful that God has placed such wonderful people into our lives who treat us like more than a job...like family!

New CPT vest! His chubby little cheeks look so cute with the vibrations of the vest!

Snacks at the pool!

Sweet girl!


Enjoying my morning coffee in the playhouse! Perfect start to my day :)

Wearing his CPT wrap vest. The camo one is still a little too big.

Kennedy loves having baby Harper with us during the days!

Baby Harper loves watching Kennedy! Clearly Best Friends! 

Changing her baby doll's diaper...so sweet!

Waiting at the doctor's office today for Drake's new AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) leg braces! We'll have some pictures next week. 


  1. Your a great mom and super woman. God bless you and your family.

  2. god will bless you for all you do sweet sweet babies